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Shipping & Returns

Credit Policy

All customers are COD via Cash, Check or Credit Card unless credit has been established for longer term payments.  Contact our Credit Department for details.

Returns Policy

 Each Manufacterer has a specific return policy.  Typically it is specified in the manual that comes with their products.  We must adhere to our Manufacturer's guidelines and they will decide if a product may be returned for credit or will need to be field serviced/replaced.  To qualify for any return:

  1. All returns must be accompanied by a proof of purchase (preferably an invoice) and an accomplished Return Form
  2. Non-defective returns:
    1. will not be accepted after 30 days of invoice date
    2. is subject to 20% restocking charge
    3. must be in its original container/box and in saleable condition
  3. Our drivers will not pick up returns without a pick up authorization from our office.  You must call to request for one.
  4. Special orders are not subject to return.
  5. The following items are subject to on-site evaluation and should not be returned  to Hatchik:  
    All heaters from Raypak, Sta-rite & Jandy
    All Polaris Pool Cleaners
    Any warranty claim on the above items may be coursed through the office and arrangements will be made for an on-field  inspection by the vendor rep.
  6. The following items will not be accepted for return:
    All bulk products, including 50-100 bags of chemicals, sand,  cement,        marble dust, vermiculite etc.
    • cut hose, tubing, pipe, rope etc.
    • loose sheets and open or wet cases of tile
    • test kits, strips and replacement test solutions
    • light bulbs
    • flange bolts, nuts, washers
    • paint and caulking
    • coping & pavers, all types
    • firebrick for heaters and any other fragile parts or products
    • leftover merchandise at end of season

      Hatchik Supply Co. reserves the right to refuse the return of any item on the  basis  of:  physical  condition, warranty, documentation, technical evaluation and other  reasonable considerations.